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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, a businesses best asset is often its availability. Many businesses wilt under the pressure of the constant demands people will throw at them; being available every hour of the day can exhaust a business’s resources quickly. Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store, however, stands alone as the only locksmith company in Albany offering complete, comprehensive 24 hour services, every day of the year. The services we offer are vast, and include changing out mailboxes for commercial businesses, opening or unlocking file cabinets, and installing magnet locks, among many, many other services.

The real world experience our security specialists have acquired through their years of commercial locksmithing have left them with the ability to service virtually any lock, from standard padlocks, to the locks of safes and high security locking systems. Our technicians will arrive on the scene in our specially outfitted vehicles, equipped with all the tools necessary to resolve the security issues that are plaguing you. Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store offers a variety of commercial services to our business leader clients, including the installation of buzzer systems and servicing the locks on luxury vehicles.

Lock Changes

Because the security of a business is absolutely imperative to keep it running smoothly, Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store specializes in all commercial lock changing needs a business may have. Our team can change every lock in massive buildings overnight with our rapid response vehicles, preventing access from previous employees into sensitive areas. Your satisfaction is our priority, and no job is too big or too small for the Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store crew.

Lock Damage

A lock damaged through malicious behavior, like vandalism, or through every day use can prove to be an extremely inconvenient obstacle in a business. The damaged or broken lock can prevent access into areas that hold vital tools and paperwork for the business, or even into the store itself, which would render the entire building closed until further notice. To avoid the disaster a damaged lock will undoubtedly cause, Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store specialists can be on the scene within the hour, bringing with them the tools to bring your problem to a screeching halt.  We work to provide businesses in the Pine Hills, NY area comprehensive locksmith services, which include the ability to repair or replace any broken lock within minutes of our arrival.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

While secure spaces, like safes and locking file cabinets, offer an easy place to store valuables while also keeping them safe from outside forces, they are prone to becoming jammed. Fortunately, Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store technicians are fully capable of performing access services, and with the suite of tools they come equipped with, can restore your access to your most precious assets. Call us today at 518-310-2046 for a free consultation, or for any of your 24 hour a day locksmith needs.

Emergency Exit Lock

Emergency exits provide both customers and employees a safe escape route in the case of an emergency, and a malfunctioning emergency exit lock can be not only a huge inconvenience, but also a legitimate safety risk. A damaged or broken emergency exit lock can also land a business with hefty fines if not fixed before inspection, and your business may suffer from a bad review. To ensure your exits are all in working condition, test them regularly, and if one is found to be faulty, call Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store at 518-310-2046 immediately, and we will send a skilled technician to solve your issue.

Key Changes 

Lost keys during the workday can result in employees not being able to access important business fundamentals, like vehicles, tools or equipment. Because Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store, as a business itself, understands how damaging a lost set of keys can be, specializes in generating new keys as well as copies of the keys onsite, to help your business minimize downtime. If you are seeking assistance with any commercial locksmith services, call us today at 518-310-2046 and we will send the most qualified locksmith to your aid.

Master Key Systems

For business leaders seeking an additional level of security, Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store is highly capable of installing master key systems, which, when paired with sub master keys, allow only certain employees into certain areas of the building, allowing complete control over who goes where. We can also install an exclusive keyway system, which features a key that cannot be copied, except by the business leader or a professional locksmith.

 Our vast selection of locksmith services is perfect for a variety of business types, including:Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store, Albany, NY 518-310-2046

  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks

Depending on the type of business, Pine Hills, NY companies will face a variety of security difficulties unique to their industry. At Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store, we take a focus on the individual needs of our clients, and will work with you to address every security concern you may have. We have worked for years with local businesses, and would love for you to join the satisfaction of a job well done. Call us today for a free consultation, and let us show you how excellence feels. We offer commercial services ranging from standard procedures like cutting off old padlocks, to servicing and reprogramming digital locks. No matter the time of day or day of the week, call Pine Hills NY Locksmith Store at 518-310-2046 and we will take care of your commercial locksmith concerns.